Happy Customers

"HOLY COW! Our friends came for dinner last night and brought two of your jams with cashew cheese for an appetizer. My mouth just sang when I tasted them. SO FREAKING GOOD! I can't wait to find a day to come to your store. Just wanted you to know that I was thrilled to find out about you." 

"Carol's jams are so original! They really hit the spot for that extra little zing! She combines ingredients from all over the world and puts together recipes that most would not even think of pairing together."  

"I highly recommend an artisan jam to make your guest feel special with one of a kind hand made jams made naturally and traditionally. She is an artist and her jams are so flavorful and unique. Get a crate of 3 or custom basket or gift set. Makes a great personal gift or hostess gift. Carol is lovely. You’ll be a fan!!"  

"Carol came by my office with her products, and I bought a gift set of her amazing chocolate jams. The entire family was wowed by the flavors (cherry chocolate rum, white chocolate raspberry kahlua, and chocolate fig). I look forward to more of Carol's amazing treats!" 

"Carol's homemade jams are delightful. She is so creative in what she does and scours the globe in pursuit of the perfect ingredients. Her jams are versatile...they can be used for preparing appetizers as well as main dishes....or just as jam. This may be the best tasting jam I have ever had. Indulge yourself and give Kudzu Kottage a try!" 

"Just found Kudzu Kottage at the Gibbs Arts Festival. Purchased several jams. LOVE the Apricot, Tangerine, Orange and Saffron jam. WOW! YUM!!!! Thanks." 

"Amazing jams that you can not buy in the stores. All made from scratch and excellent with cheese and morning bagels. My favorite. All of them."  

"What a perfect gift! I have given Kudzu Cottage jams as thank you gifts! Also keeping some on the shelf has saved me for a great appetizer with crackers and cream cheese."

"Speaking from experience, her jams are AMAZING!!!!!  Do yourself a favor and order some for a fun family charcuterie dinner movie night."
"I took a jam class with Carol of Kudzu Kottage a few years ago. I fell in love with the flavors and pairings with cheese, crackers, meat, and more. I placed an order and received it last week. Had a friend over Saturday night for Girls Night In. She was in Foodie Heaven after the first few tastes. I was in Foodie Heaven after that first jam class. 🥰😋"
"Great job on the new website digs! I can attest to how fabulous Carol's jams are. I glaze a lot of different meats with the jams during the last few minutes of cooking. Another favorite ... I bake a vanilla cake in a 2 x 13 pan, poke the cake with holes every inch or less, take a jar of Kudzu Kottage Ambrosia jam and microwave until it's able to be poured. Pour over the top of the cake, put the cake in the fridge to firm up, then use can of drained, crushed pineapple, spread on cake, then frost with cool whip and top with either toasted or untoasted coconut ... yum! My most requested cake!"